"Grit your teeth and smile" – smiling because I knew my legs were about to get really cold after the snow melts and soaks through my cotton joggers.

I'm John. I study Human Computer Interaction & Political Economy at the University of Washington.

With a background in business, product and policy, I’m a generalist at heart. Product design was the only place where I could see myself melding all of my disparate interests into a cohesive role.

I thrive on engaging in bigger picture strategic and product thinking. Yet as a designer, I’m also fascinated by the complexities of what makes us human – why are some things intuitive to us and others not? I believe in designing intentionally; Because the decisions we make have consequences, and because less is more and every element we put on should have a reason for being.

If not skiing, I can probably be found hunched over my laptop nursing my second latte of the day in a North Seattle coffee shop. Running is my release, cooking is my therapy, and a weird wildest dream of mine would be to cruise down the Champs-Élysées in Paris as a finisher in the Tour de France.